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Under 8's - Churwell Lions

Home | 22 November 2015

Hi all

Today we welcomed our friends from Churwell Lions - Leeds finest.

What a fantastic match - bothe teams were brilliant.

Real intent to play passing and moving, Tika Taka, -excellent work rate, great goalkeeping,defending and attacking.

This actually started before the game in the warm up with a game of Tiger that involved some brilliant passing to switch the ball from one side to the other.

But im even more pleased with the good sportsmanship yet again - handing tha ball back at throw ins, honesty in decisions, showing kindness if someone was injured.

 The only disappointment I have is that we didnt get to see Jane showing us what a great,and noisy,goalie she is - maybe next time though.....

Boys you were excellent today - very VERY well done ...and this is one happy manager who will enjoy his glass of wine tonight :@)